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Oxford possesses a remarkable, and unrivalled, concentration of academics actively researching gender, class, identity and the broad area of emotions, psychology and subjectivity. One of the long-term aims of the Centre is to encourage graduate and postdoctoral research in these areas.


Sponsoring seminars, conferences and academic prizes

Seminars, workshops and conferences provide important forums for the communication and discussion of new research. Seminars and conferences, however, can be expensive, particularly when international speakers are invited. These events provide important opportunities for young researchers and established academics to discuss their work with one another and with leading experts in the field. They can also equip young researchers with the essential skills for pursuing a career in academia, through organising and contributing to these events. Small donations to support these events can therefore achieve a great deal.

Supporting graduate studentships

Graduate students are essential to Oxford’s academic community and we take great pride in supporting our thriving community of graduate researchers. We are already supporting graduate research in a number of ways, but our long-term goal is to establish a number of graduate studentships, which would enable young scholars interested in gender, identity and subjectivity to contribute to the vibrant research culture at Oxford and benefit from working with leading experts in these fields. Graduate students would gain experience of academic life in a highly supportive research environment, placing them in a strong position should they subsequently choose to pursue an academic career.

On average, it costs £31,000 per annum to fund a graduate student in the Humanities: £28,000 for Home/EU students, and £34,000 for overseas (non-EU) students. Find out more about supporting graduate student studentships here:

Support postdoctoral fellowships

Early career researchers play a central role in the vibrant academic community at Oxford and promote the growth of the research community and research into areas of global importance. But promising researchers can struggle in the years after their doctoral research to secure funding when they have little post-doctoral experience and a limited publication record. The diminishing external funding for research in the humanities has been reflected in the reduction of postdoctoral opportunities. This prevents some of the most promising doctoral research projects from entering careers in academia. Support for a postdoctoral fellowship will therefore have a genuine impact on the careers of talented researchers committed to delivering high-quality international research.

In conjunction with Oxford colleges, we are seeking to establish Junior Research Fellowships (JRF) for students whose research interests relate to gender, identity and subjectivity. A JRF costs, on average, £27,000 per year; and we would endeavour to source college funding to match the donor’s contribution.


We would welcome inquiries from potential donors. To find out how to support CGIS, please go to