Summer School

Since 2017, the Centre for Gender, Identity, and Subjectivity (CGIS), based in the History Faculty at University of Oxford, has collaborated with the Centre for Gender History (CGH) at the University of Glasgow in organising an annual summer school.

These informal one-day workshops are designed to share the findings of on-going research by graduate and early career researchers, and to enable conversations, collaboration and mutual support between the two universities. The summer school alternates between Glasgow and Oxford, and we are looking forward to the next event in 2020!



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CGIS-CGH Autumn Colloquium on Intersubjectivity

Seminar Room at TORCH (The Oxford Research Centre in the Humanities), Woodstock Rd, Oxford OX2 6GG

The CGIS-CGH Autumn Colloquium (formerly known as “Summer School”) will take place on Monday 11 November 2019. This year's theme is Intersubjectivity.

This colloquium explores the meanings and opportunities offered by work that explores intersubjectivity, gender and selfhood. We have an exciting programme of short papers for the workshop from researchers at Oxford and Glasgow.

To find out more about the event, read a report by Rozen Whitworth (Oxford) published by the CGIS blog.



10:00-10:30 Coffee and Informal Introductions

10:30-12:00: Paper Presentations on the Notion of Intersubjectivity

Wendy Wiertz: Queen Wilhelmina’s War Lace Scarf. Intersubjectivity across Gender, Class, and Borders

Rozen Whitworth: ‘We are, because it is stable and it is ever changing’: Etel Adnan’s life in landscape, c.1960-1990.

Freya Marshall Payne: "The politics of whimsy": Conducting an Oral History of Greenham Common Emotions With My Mother.

12:00-12:45: Lunch with the Syrian Sisters

12:45-2:45: Informal and Intersubjective Explorations of Sources

Amanda Gavin: Witness Testimony from the Scottish Child Abuse Inquiry as a Historical Source

Ebba Strutzenbladh: Maria Petterson’s Letters. Stories of a Swedish emigrant

Mathilde Michaud: Gender at the Intersection of Catholicism and Nationalism

Thomas McAuliffe: Estate management and the Construction of the Self in 11th Century England.

2:45-3:00 Coffee Break with Sweets from the Syrian Sisters


Charlotte James Robertson: The Scottish Women’s Aid Archive: Intersubjectivity in oral history interviews with activists of the women’s refuge movement

Ella Ditri: The Rotuli de Dominabus et Pueris et Puellis: Women and the ‘Marriage Market’ in the Twelfth Century

Hannah Yoken: Feminist Self-Defence in Denmark and Finland – Multilingual Oral Histories and Transnational Connections

On 6 June 2018 the Summer School organised jointly by Oxford's Centre for Gender, Identity, and Subjectivity and Glasgow's Centre for Gender History was held at University of Glasgow.


The 2018 theme was Subjectivity, designed to build on recent historical research that has explored the meanings and opportunities offered by exploring subjectivity, identity, gender and selfhood. Postgraduate and early career researchers from both universities presented 20 minute papers on on-going research at our annual interdisciplinary summer workshop.

On 8 June 2017, CGIS hosted the first summer school between the Centre for Gender History at University of Glasgow and the Centre for Gender, Identity, and Subjectivity at Oxford. This one-day workshop on the theme of ‘Gender & Inequality’ was led by Lyndal Roper and Alex Shepard. Graduate students and early career researchers from both universities spoke about their work in a supportive and friendly environment.