Gender, Women and Culture Seminar

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Women, Gender and Culture Seminar Series Hilary 2020

‘Women and Education’

 Marking one hundred years since women could be awarded degrees from Oxford

Faculty, early career researchers, graduate students, undergraduates and visitors

from all disciplines are very welcome. Please feel free to bring lunch.

Rees Davis Room History Faculty, George Street

Our usual meeting is Tuesdays odd weeks 1-2.30 (alternate weeks with CGIS)

Please note the change of day and time for our joint sessions


Tuesday 1-2.30 Week One

Helen Sunderland (Cambridge)

‘‘One of the greatest events in the history of our constituency’:

Schoolgirls’ mock elections in Edwardian England’

Tuesday 1-2.30 Week Three

Alexandria Dugal (Oxford)

‘Messengers of peace’:  Kawai Michi, the Eiwa girls’ schools, and education in 1930s Japan

Joint sessions with the Modern History and Modern British History Seminar

Thursday 11.30-1 Week Five

Florence Sutcliffe-Braithwaite (UCL) and Natalie Thomlinson (Reading)

Vernacular discourses of gender equality in the postwar British working class’

Thursday 11.30-1 Week Six

Sue Grayzel (Utah State)

"The Problem with the "Home Front":

Rethinking a Conceptual Category in 20th-Century Europe and its Empires"?

Tuesday 1-2.30 Week Seven

Hannah Jeans (York)

'Investigating women readers: genre and gender in seventeenth-century reading practices'

Thursday Week Eight (time and details TBC)

Joint session with Mansfield College and the Bonanavero Institute for Human Rights

A celebration for International Women’s Day with special guest speaker


Lyndsey Jenkins (St John’s) and Alice Blackwood (Linacre) or