Gender, Women and Culture Seminar

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All staff, early career researchers, graduate students, undergraduate students and visitors are welcome.


Do join us in weeks 4 and 6 to hear from graduate speakers:


Week 4: 12-1.30pm, Tuesday 21st May 2019 Colin Matthew Room, History Faculty 


Grace Heaton - ‘Smashing the Stained Glass Ceiling’: An exploration of the campaigns for female ordination in the Church of England, 1968-1994

Aleena Din - British-Pakistani women and the pursuit of adult learning, 1962-2002 


Week 6: 12-1.30pm, Tuesday 4th June 2019 Colin Matthew Room, History Faculty 


Alice Billington - Educational leaflets concerning menstruation for adolescent girls in twentieth century Britain: Knowledge, stigma and etiquette

Anna Dobrowolska - Sexual (r)evolutions in Central and Eastern Europe: the case of Poland


Gender, Women, and the Arts

Tuesdays 12-1.30pm

Rees Davies Room, History Faculty, George Street

All staff, early career researchers, graduate students, 

undergraduate students and visitors are welcome*


Week 2: Tuesday 22nd January 2019

Dr Julia Mannherz – Performing Glinka’s opera ‘A Life for the Tsar’ on the village stage: women choir directors in early twentieth-century Russia


Week 4: Tuesday 5th February 2019

Dr Rhiannon Easterbrook – Modern metamorphoses: interiority, commerce, and the Pygmalion myth in late nineteenth-century Theatre


Week 6: Tuesday 19th February 2019

Dr Natalie Bradbury – Nan Youngman (1906-1995): Artist and Educationalist 


Week 8: Tuesday 5th March 2019

Dr Camilla Røstvik – ‘The Painters Are In’: Visual Culture and Menstruation 1950-2020


Convenors: Christina de Bellaigue & Anna Louise Senkiw
*You are welcome to bring your lunch or to join the speaker & convenors for an inexpensive meal after the seminar.


Seminars will take place on Tuesdays in the History Faculty Oxford


24 April (Week 1): Undergraduate Thesis Workshop [11.30-1.00pm, Lecture Theatre]

This event is open to all undergraduate students considering writing a thesis on any aspect of women's or gender history. You will have the opportunity to hear from experienced members of staff about the support available at Oxford for dissertaton in these areas. You will also be able to hear more about the research and writing process from history students who have completed their dissertations


Rosanna Tabor

Amelia Gosztony

Hollie Eaton


1 May (Week 2): Title TBC [11.30-1.00pm, Rees Davis Room]

Speaker: TBC

Chair: TBC


15 May (Week 4): Doctoral Dissertation Workshop [11.00-1.00pm, Rees Davis Room]

Speakers: TBC


This seminar is convened by Senia Paseta, Ruth Percy, Marilyn Booth, Charlotte Jeffries.


Seminars will take place on Tuesdays, 11:30-1pm in the Colin Matthew Room, History Faculty, George Street, Oxford, except for Thursday 25 January, which is a joint session with the Modern History Seminar.


25 January (11.30-1.30): New Directions in Suffrage Historiography

Speakers: Lyndsey Jenkins (Oxford), Naomi Paxton (Houses of Parliament and University of Lincoln) and Zoe Thomas (Birmingham)

Chair: Senia Paseta


6 February: Feminism, Scandal and the Labour Party in 1970s Britain *POSTPONED*

Speaker: Sarah Crook (Oxford)  

Chair: Ruth Percy


20 February: Teenage Girls in the 1980s Feminist Sex Wars

Speaker: Charlotte Jeffries (Oxford)

Chair: Marilyn Booth


6 March: Mobility, migration and place: locating female servants in the English community, 1550-1650.

Speaker: Charmian Mansell (Oxford and Exeter)

Chair:  Charlotte Jeffries (Oxford)


This seminar is convened by Senia Paseta, Ruth Percy, Marilyn Booth, Charlotte Jeffries.






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