CGIS Presents...Research Brief Encounters

All staff, students, and early career researchers from any discipline are encouraged to attend this informal, fun and sociable event to meet and chat about research. Undergraduates who are developing/considering dissertations on gender, identity and subjectivity are also warmly invited to join us.

Led by Professor Dan Healey

History Faculty Common Room, 17:00-18:30pm

We would like to start the new academic year by inviting you to share your research on gender, identity and subjectivity with staff and students across the University. Intended as a relaxed and informal way to network and share research interests, the event will be focused on providing bite-sized introductions to attendees’ current or future research plans in a speed dating style format. Where does the “speed dating” part come in? Attendees will be put in small groups, where everyone will be encouraged to give a short (1-2 minute) introduction to their research interests, or to a specific research project. There will be a few minutes to discuss ideas and shared interests, and then people will move to different groups to meet new people. This is a low-pressure way to share your research ideas, as you will have a small audience at any one time.


No advance preparation is necessary.


You’ll then have an opportunity to spend the rest of the event chatting with new friends.


Wine and light refreshments will be served.


If you would like to come along, please RSVP to