Announcing the first Hillary Rodham Clinton Professor of Women’s History

The Faculty of History is delighted to announce the appointment of Brenda E. Stevenson, currently Nickoll Family Endowed Professor of History at UCLA, to the Hillary Rodham Clinton Chair of Women’s History.

Professor Stevenson is an internationally leading historian of race, slavery, gender, family and conflict.  Her many books and articles have explored the intersections of sex, race and politics, placing women – and particularly women of colour – at the centre of accounts of political and social developments.  In this way, and in her sensitive reconstructions of women’s lives, her examinations of family dynamics and her interest in intersectionality, Professor Stevenson is just the kind of scholar we wished for as the first holder of this new and transformative chair.  We look forward to welcoming her to Oxford in the autumn of 2021.

For further details, see the History Faculty website.


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